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  • What is cork and where does it come from?

    Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, being the species name Quercus Suber L. The cork oak tree is native to the Western Mediterranean Basin, where it finds the ideal growing conditions: soil, weather, temperature and altitude.

  • What are the main sustainable advantages of using cork?

    There are many reasons for which the use of cork contributes to a more sustainable world. In the Montado area, cork oak trees help regulate the water cycle and with it fight desertification and they retain from the atmosphere high quantities of carbon dioxide, strongly combating climate change. These forests of cork oak trees have high rates of biodiversity, turning them in one of the 36 worldwide biodiversity hotspots.

  • How is cork removed from the tree?

    Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, and it’s harvested in an ancient and manual process without cutting or hurting the tree. Cork is first harvested when the tree is 25 years old and the trunk perimeter reaches 70cm. The bark regrows and subsequent harvestings take place every nine years, between the months of May and July. These trees have an average lifespan of 200 years, meaning that the same tree can be harvested 15 to 20 times during its life.

  • Should I install a Floating floor or a Glue Down Floor?

    If the subfloor is in poor condition with many cracks, old vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl, grimy or dirty, the use of floating floors would be recommended. It will avoid the need to prepare costly subfloors as long as the floor is reasonably levelled (for detailed requirements, please consult the installation instructions).

    The glue down cork floors can be used over any subfloors (wood or concrete) which are dry, clean and free of dirt, grease, wax or anything that would hinder a good bond and where cracks have been filled.

    Floating floors are easy and fast to install whereas glue down floors require more time and installation requirements. Nevertheless, they also have a lower thickness than most floatings (except for Hydrocork). Both solutions have the Corktech technology incorporated and therefore with all its benefits included, however, glue down floors have an increased walking comfort perception and stronger acoustic properties.

  • Why should I purchase a Corktech floor?

    Corktech floors have as its core a natural product – cork. They are environmental friendly, and produced from a renewable resource (bark of the cork oak tree). In addition, this technology will provide you comfort and wellbeing. The products are silent and with natural thermal insulation, they provide walking comfort and are impact resistant. Adding to very high resistance and durability, no other flooring material combines all these benefits.

  • Are Corktech floors resistant?

    Corktech products are very resistant and able to withstand up to heavy traffic. From residential to high traffic commercial areas, Wicanders has products and solutions to match your needs.

  • Do Corktech floors promote a healthy indoor environment?

    Yes, they do promote. All Wicanders Corktech products are subject to the highest standards in indoor air quality. Certificates such as Greenguard, TÜV or the French regulation (A+) are part of the requisites of Corktech products.

  • Can I install Corktech products as an outdoor solution?

    Wicanders products are intended for indoor use only.

  • Is it more comfortable to walk on Corktech floors when compared to other flooring solutions?

    Cork’s inherent resilience perfectly balanced with Corktech’s mechanically strong multilayer structure, make Wicanders’ products more comfortable to stand or walk on than many other types of floors.

  • What is Hydrocork?

    Hydrocork is a Corktech floor with 6mm thickness, making it the ideal product for renovation projects. Because this product is waterproof, it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens or areas where spillages frequently occur since it will not swell when exposed to water.

  • What is the PressFit installation system?

    PressFit is a revolutionary compression system that takes full advantage of the amazing cork properties (flexibility, elasticity and compressibility) functioning exactly like a cork stopper. It’s a vertical installation system that requires only two steps to install the planks.

  • Hydrocork is a Wicanders product with only 6mm thickness. Do I still benefit from the properties of cork with this thickness?

    Despite its thickness, you can find the same Corktech benefits just like in the other products from Wicanders Corktech floors. The central core of the product is an agglomerated cork composite that grants the sound absorption, the natural thermal insulation, walking comfort and the impact resistance, even though the multilayer structure is different from the other products.

  • What is the difference between Go, Essence, Resist and Resist+ solutions?

    The articles under Go are a budget solution, and therefore a good value for money, suitable for residential areas. On Essence you can find a greener solution, resistant enough to be used in commercial areas from light to moderate traffic areas. On the Resist and Resist+ are included items that can endure high traffic on commercial areas, being the Resist+ different due to the extra cork it has on its multi layer structure. This extra cork grants even stronger Corktech benefits, when compared to Resist products.

  • Where can I find all the brochures of Wicanders?

    All the brochures can be found on the Download Center of the website.

  • Where can I find the installation instructions of Wicanders?

    All installation instructions can be found on the Download Center of the website.

  • How do I clean Corktech floors?

    Corktech floors are easy to clean. Use a damp but not soaking wet mop, but before vacuum, broom or sweep it to remove all loose dirt. You can also use a broom handle with a cloth at the end. Its anti-static characteristics, will clean and prevent dust from settling on the floor.

    Harsh abrasives or ammonia-based cleaning products should be avoided. Use simple floor cleaning products or approved products by Wicanders.

  • How can I maintain my Corktech floors as new for a long time?

    We will give you some tips on how to maintain your floors:

    • Use walk-off mats to collect any dirt, moisture or other abrasive substances. Don’t use latex or rubber backed mats as they can permanently stain the floor. • When cleaning use a damp, not soaking wet mop. • Use felt pads floor protectors on chairs and furniture legs. • Cork is a natural material, it may tend to age when exposed to direct sunlight. Use blinds, curtains or other sun screening system to keep direct sunlight of the floor.

  • Can I walk on Wicanders floors and mop them immediately after installation?

    All Wicanders floating products can be walked-on and mopped immediately after installation. If using a glue-down installation method, you should wait 24-36 hours after installation of the floor, to allow the flooring adhesive to dry completely.

  • Can Corktech floors be re-varnished?

    To re-varnish Corktech floors, Wicanders recommends a range of options which will give pleasant results. Please consult “Wicanders Auxiliary Product List”. For the correct use, follow the instructions on the packaging of each product, as well as “Wicanders Clean & Maintenance” document.

  • Can I use other cleaning products besides Wicanders branded products?

    Yes, you can use other cleaning products besides Wicanders. You can find approved recommended products on “Wicanders Auxiliary Product List” document.

  • Should I use any underlay when installing Hydrocork?

    For Hydrocork installation no underlay is required. If you wish to use an underlay it must comply with specific requirements. Please consult “Wicanders auxiliary product list”.

  • How can I install Hydrocork?

    Hydrocork connection system is designed to be installed in a vertical connection by pressuring it from top to bottom, without making any angles.

    You just need to position two planks side by side and when the cork core is inserted on the gap, with the help of a white rubber hammer along the joint, it will compress and adjust, forming a tight and stable seal.

    Hydrocork does not require the use of a moisture barrier. For details on installing Hydrocork on different subfloor types, please consult Hydrocork’s Installation Instructions.

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